Keep on Moving

I am currently a teacher in Lincoln Public Schools at Schoo Middle School but am nearing retirement. My passions include my grandchildren, reading, writing, knitting and travel. I love spending time with my five grandchildren and doing things with them.  Up to now, the travel has been restricted somewhat by the school schedule but that hasn’t kept me from traveling as much as possible. My classroom bulletin boards are covered with postcards and many of the posters on the walls are from U.S. National Parks that Tom and I have visited. Our “bucket list” includes visiting all of the parks — thus far, we have visited 32 so there are 27 more to go. Of course that only holds until there is a new park declared. So I guess we’ll just have to keep on traveling.

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2 Responses to Keep on Moving

  1. postcardsedge says:

    Teachers make the world a kinder, loving place.
    I have great respect for you!

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